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Female infertility is the condition hampering the chances of pregnancy, being ascertained after 1-2 years of sexual unprotected intercourses without achievement of pregnancy. About 15% of women are affected by this condition.

Aging is directly related with the loss of reproductive capacity: at the age of 30 the possibility of conception per fertile cycle is around 30-40%, down to 10% at the age of 40.

Female infertility accounts for 35-40% of couple infertility and depends on several causes: alteration of the reproductive system, genetic malformation, infections, hormonal or thyroid dysfunctions, age and other diseases. When no specific cause is found we have the so called idiopathic infertility.

To support fertility it is paramount to maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoiding risk factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity and excessive thinness, a sedentary lifestyle, pollution and sexually transmitted infections. In some cases of infertility the use of antioxidants has proven useful in improving the condition.


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