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30 softgels - Gluten Free
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In addition to a higher calories intake, pregnancy requires a higher amount of certain nutrients, since their deficiency may lead to severe complications. DHA supports the development of brain and eye functions of the foetus and the breast fed newborn; such effects are obtained with a daily administration of 200mg DHA. Vitamin B1 supports the normal cardiac function. Vitamin B2 supports the functions of the nervous system and eye, iron metabolism. Folic Acid fosters tissues growth during pregnancy and normal hematopoiesis. Vitamin B6, B12 and Iron help erythropoiesis and reduce fatigue; an increased intake of iron is required during pregnancy. Magnesium deficiency during pregnancy is linked to preeclampsia, preterm birth and delayed foetal growth. Furthermore, Magnesium is important for the protein synthetic process and, together with Vitamin D, Calcium and Zinc, to the mitotic process. Zinc has a critical role in foetal growth; low Zinc levels are linked to preterm birth, low weight at birth, delayed growth and preeclampsia. Calcium may have a role in preventing the onset of hypertension and preeclampsia. Linseed oil protects cell membrane and its functionality.


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