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Infertility is when a couple is unable to achieve pregnancy after more than 12 months of regular, free sexual intercourse, that is, without the use of contraceptive methods. Infertility in Italy affects about 15% of couples (ISS data Jan. 2022) and is a growing phenomenon.
A distinction must be made between female and male infertility; in the former case the problem affects about 15% of women, with the percentage rising as the woman gets older, while in 30% of cases we are talking about infertility problems related to men, many of which are idiopathic in nature, the cause of which cannot be identified.
Leonardo Medica has always been committed to the development of quality and increasingly innovative products with the aim of maintaining the person’s all-round well-being.
In case of infertility, the therapy prescribed by a specialist, which should not be substituted in any way, can be supplemented with natural products and methods to support those who have difficulties in procreation. In fact, a healthy diet and supplementation with vitamin, mineral and antioxidant complexes can improve fertility indices.